Heat Shrinkage Cable Joint

Heat Shrinkage Cable Joint
Product Details


1. have 3 kinds of voltage grades: 1kv,10kv,35kv. respective applicable voltage range: under 1kv,8.7-15kv,25-35kv.

2. can be used as 1 core,2 cores,3 cores,4 cores,5 cores.

3. suitable for indoor,outdoor and joint.

4. 2 types are available: for XLPE cable and PILC cable.

5. sold by set.with the material in the kit,it can be installed easily.


1. simple installation.

2. highly resistance to extreme temperature,atmospheric pollution and weather conditions.

3. insulation components are resistant to fungus,copper corrosion,water and ultra-violet rays.

4. hot melting adhesive lining in insulation components provides excellent waterproofing property.termination and straight joint are flame-retardant,rapid shrinking,non-cracking.

5. all our production procession conform to the IEC 60502-1997 standard.