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Abnormal Operation And Treatment Of Transformer

Jun 01, 2017

  Abnormal Operation and Treatment of Transformer

  Transformer running the abnormal situation are: the upper oil temperature limit, oil level anomalies, gas relay alarm, cooling system failure and chromatographic analysis is not normal and so on. Operators found that the abnormal operation of the transformer should be timely analysis of its causes, nature and impact, to take appropriate measures to prevent the expansion of the fault to protect the safe operation of the transformer.

  First, the upper oil temperature rise

  1. Check whether the load of the transformer and the temperature of the cooling medium have changed substantially and are compared with the oil temperature at which the load and the temperature of the cooling medium should be recorded according to the relevant technical record.

  2. Check whether the cooling device of the transformer is faulty, such as whether the fan, oil pump is running normally, whether the cooling water pressure is normal, whether the cooling device power supply is switched or the switch is normal.

  3. Check the meter and its circuit is normal. The comparison between the field table and the telemetry is made. The comparison result should be based on the temperature of the transformer.

  4. If the oil temperature is found to be 5 ~ 10 ℃ higher than the usual load and cooling conditions, and the cooler is running normally, it is considered that the transformer has failed.

  5. Single phase transformer of any phase oil temperature anomalies, should also be regarded as abnormal, must be quickly analyzed and processed.

  Second, abnormal oil level.

  Under normal circumstances, the oil level of the transformer with the temperature changes. And the oil temperature depends on the load on the transformer, the ambient temperature and cooling system operation. If the relevant part of the transformer leakage occurs, the oil level will be reduced accordingly. Transformer oil level anomalies are mainly two cases:

  Oil level is too high. The reason for the long-term impact of the transformer by the high temperature, heat expansion, so that the oil level rise; oil when the oil level is high; transformer water. Oil level is too high will cause oil spills, therefore, found that oil level is high, it should be timely through the maintenance personnel to put oil treatment, but should control the oil level and the corresponding oil temperature corresponding.

  Oil level is too low. The main reason for the transformer oil leakage; transformer load suddenly reduced or the ambient temperature significantly reduced; forced oil circulation-oriented cooling transformer cooling oil leakage, resulting in transformer oil into the water for a long time. In general, the oil level of the transformer will not leak in a very short time. Operators should always monitor the transformer oil level changes. When the oil level is lower than the gas relay will alarm. When the oil level is too low, it may cause the core windings to come into direct contact with the air, with considerable consequences. Main changes in oil level abnormalities to a comprehensive inspection, with or without oil spills, accident valve is mistakenly open or oil spill, and timely stop. Such as oil spills and temporarily can not stop, should immediately contact the power outage. Do not change the heavy gas protection to the "signal" position. Such as oil temperature is low, adjust the cooler and cooling water, improve the oil temperature, and contact the maintenance personnel to refuel, refueling gas protection should be cast "signal" position, to be run for more than 24 hours, gas relay and no gas discharge, Only allowed to vote to "trip" position.