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Analysis On The Development Of Power Transformer

Jul 13, 2017

  Analysis on the Development of Power Transformer

  Transformer is an important power system equipment, its state is good or bad, a direct impact on the safe operation of the power grid. Therefore, the power transformer on-line monitoring, timely grasp of the state of the equipment, has been the dream of power workers and the pursuit.

  Transformer status monitoring, that is, through the relevant parameters, signal acquisition and analysis, the detection of the initial internal failure and its development trend, the production department immediately organize personnel to conduct a comprehensive analysis, diagnosis of equipment status, reduce losses, to avoid vicious accidents Occurs, the traditional regular maintenance to state maintenance, thereby enhancing the safe and economical operation of the power grid to improve the quality of service to users. The same time as the above-

  As the transformer in the design, manufacture, installation and operation and maintenance and other aspects of the reasons for the existence of defects in insulation, anti-short circuit capability to reduce, so in recent years, the main transformer more accidents, which threat the most serious for the winding partial discharge fault. According to the State Electric Power Company in 2001 the national 110kV and above the main transformer accident investigation, that the accident accounted for the total number of accidents accounted for 74.6 [1] (Fujian province network 80). Therefore, the main task of improving the safe operation of the transformer is to detect the partial discharge defects inside the winding. The same time as the above-

  Oil gas content analysis, is a good way to detect transformer internal failure. In the original power department issued by the DL / T596-1996 "power equipment preventive test procedures", has been listed as the first transformer test project. According to preliminary statistics, China through the oil gas content analysis, each year can detect nearly 300 or so of the fault or abnormal equipment for the safe and economical operation of the power grid has played an important role. But the conventional oil analysis of the gas is off-line monitoring, according to supervision procedures, the sampling cycle is generally 3 months to 1 year, such intermittent detection of overheating and discharge potential discharge fault detection is competent, and for serious threats It is difficult to detect the partial discharge fault between the turns of the equipment and the surrounding discharge of the screen. To this end, domestic and foreign scholars over the years has been committed to the oil and local discharge and other on-line monitoring of the study.