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Are There Any Differences Between High Frequency Transformers And Inductors?

Jul 13, 2017

  Are there any differences between high frequency transformers and inductors?

  The same point: are wrapped with enameled wire package, the internal core or core.

  Differences: Transformers are mainly used for voltage conversion, Transformer which is based on the law of electromagnetic induction. Inductance coil is generally used in electronic circuits, according to Lenz's law. The former generally have two or three windings, there are primary windings and secondary windings, for the step-up transformer, the primary winding turns slightly smaller diameter, the number of secondary winding turns and fine line, Transformer step-down transformer with it On the contrary, the primary turns of multi-line fine, secondary turns less diameter rough, widely used in a variety of electrical appliances as a power use. Inductive coils are basically used in electronic circuits in two ways:

  1, with the capacitor resistance with the waveform generator circuit or frequency selection circuit,

  2, in the current is relatively large and pulsating relatively large occasions into the circuit as a smoothing device. There are many other occasions, Transformer such as the lamp in the ballast, the main is based on the inductor coil current can not be mutated when the current rate of change is too fast to produce a high reverse electromotive force made of the principle.