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Development Trend Of Transformer

Jul 01, 2017

  Development Trend of Transformer

  Power transformers are one of the important equipment in the system of transmission, transmission, change and distribution. Transformer Its performance and quality are directly related to the reliability and operational efficiency of power system operation.

  First, the power transformer varieties

  (1) distribution transformers China's small and medium-sized distribution transformers were initially insulated oil for the development of insulating media; into the 20th century, 90 years, dry-type transformers in China have a very rapid development.

  (1) oil-immersed distribution transformers S9 series distribution transformers, S11 series distribution transformers, roll core distribution transformers, amorphous alloy core transformers. In order to make the operation of the transformer more complete, Transformer reliable, easier maintenance, more broadly to meet the needs of users, in recent years, oil-immersed transformer with a sealed structure, the transformer oil and the surrounding air completely isolated, thereby enhancing the reliability of the transformer. At present, the main sealed form of air-sealed, nitrogen-sealed and full oil-filled seal type. One of the oil-filled sealed transformer market share is getting higher and higher, it changes in the volume of insulating oil, by the corrugated tank wall or expansion of the radiator to compensate for the elastic deformation.

  (2) dry-type transformers dry-type transformers because of simple structure, easy maintenance, and fire, flame retardant and other characteristics, China from the late 1950s began production, but nearly 10 years before the start of mass production. Transformer There are many types of dry-type transformers, mainly impregnated insulated dry-type transformers and epoxy-insulated dry-type transformers.

  (2) box-type transformer box-type transformer with a small footprint, can reach the load center, reduce line losses, improve the quality of power supply, flexible selection, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, the current 10Kv, 35kV power grid in a large number of applications. China's current use of box-type transformers, mainly European-style box and American box change, the former transformer as a separate component, that is, high-voltage power part, distribution transformers, low-voltage power distribution part of the three. Transformer The latter part is divided into two parts: the front part is the wiring cabinet, the rear part is the transformer fuel tank, the winding, the core, the high pressure load switch, the plug-in fuse, the backup current limiting fuse and so on are placed in the tank body. At present, some manufacturers have moved the coil core transformer to the box transformer, so that the volume and quality of the box transformer have been reduced to achieve a high efficiency, energy saving and low noise level.

  (3) high-voltage, ultra-high voltage power transformers At present, China has a 110kV, 220kV, 330kV and 500kV high pressure, high pressure transformer production capacity. Ultra-high voltage transformer insulation medium is still the main insulating oil, according to the needs of power grid development, transformer production technology is constantly improving. Transformer SF6 gas insulation high voltage, ultra high voltage transformer is being researched and developed.

  Second, the level of manufacturing Overall, China's power transformer technology in the international 20th century, the level of the early 90s, a small amount in the world in the late 1990s the level of the 1990s, compared with foreign advanced countries, there are still some gaps.