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Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Jan 23, 2017

Indoor and outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is widely used in power plant, substation and each monitoring and application sectors. For example: power supply system of chemical factory, mill factory, automation factory, and airport. Free maintenance indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, which long service life vacuum arc distinguished chamber with epoxy casting solid seal technology guarantee reliable operation mechanism. Electronic control part is photoelectric proximity switch instead of traditional auxiliary switch, and use fully electronic power supply and intelligence control unit.

Indoor vacuum circuit breaker is normally installed in switch cabinet and function is to cut-off current. Outdoor high voltage vacuum breaker is normally bigger than indoor ones. Height of bare conductor from ground is more than 2.5m, which can not be installed in the switch cabinet. Creepage distance is different between two kinds. Outdoor breaker can be used indoor, but indoor breaker cannot be used outdoor.