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Each High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker In The Use Of The Required Current Values Are Different

Oct 16, 2017

Each high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker in the use of the required current values are different, then how to choose a different high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker different current?

When the current flowing through the product reaches this amperage value, its closed contact can maintain its closed state for a long time, thus ensuring the power supply to the electrical power supply. When the ambient temperature of the circuit breaker is different, the circuit breaker can flow for a long time without causing the trip device in the circuit breaker to automatically separate the current value of the closed contact. When the ambient temperature increases, this current value decreases, the ambient temperature decreases, this current value increases.

The rated current of the C45N circuit breaker is defined at an ambient temperature of +40 ° C.

Take the rated current of 10A for the circuit breaker as an example:

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When the ambient temperature is -30 ℃, the circuit breaker can flow over a long time without breaking the contact of the circuit breaker with the current will rise to 10.8.

When the ambient temperature is + 50 ℃, the circuit breaker can flow over a long time without breaking the contact of the circuit breaker will be reduced to 9 amps.

Other domestic models of the rated current of the circuit breaker is generally defined in the environment at +25 ℃.

The same rated current of 10A DZ12 circuit breaker in the ambient temperature of +40 ℃, it may automatically trip. One of the reasons is that, at + 25 ° C or higher, the maximum allowable flow of the trip does not cause a drop in current. The reason is that many DZ12 manufacturers in order to avoid overload can not automatically cut off the circuit, causing accidents, in the production DZ12, the current adjusted to less than the rated current value of the state, so that the DZ12 "security" High sensitivity, in fact, this does not directly lead to failure to full load power supply failure.

At the time of the completion of a construction project, all the electrical appliances work, when the power supply operator closing power supply, DZ12 is automatically tripped. What is the cause of it? Is there a problem with the architect of the Architectural Design Institute? Do not! Those low-quality DZ12 can not run at full load.