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Function Of High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Feb 22, 2017

High voltage vacuum circuit breaker just use vacuum as insulation midium and arc extinction. It is composed of vacuum arc extinction chamber, operation mechanism (electromagnetism operation mechanism and spring operation mechanism) and frame. Due to advantages of small volume,less polution, easy operation,improving breaking ability of contactor, reduce damage of contactor, higher reliability,it is widely used in grid construction and effects on protecting high voltage equipments and control.

Demands of electricity is increasing with development of society,improving quality of power supply and reducing loss of electricity from high load and power off, high voltage vacuum circuit breaker can break or get through circuit to guarantee the whole circuit safe working. 

During grid running,in order to avoid equipments aging and reduce accidents, require to do inspection and maintenance for each equipment.Vacuum circuit breaker has no polution and easy operation and make cost less and long service life.

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