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High Demands About Dry Transformer

Jan 23, 2017

Dry type transformer has four kinds: epoxy resin casting, filled casting, winding package and immersed. Currently, Europe and America widely use ventilated H grade dry type transformer, which based on immersed absorbs winding packing structure and use Nomex paper. 

In China market, max. capacity of dry type distribution transformer is 2500KVA, 10/0.4KV after short circuit test, and max. capacity of dry type power transformer is 16000KVA, 35/0.4KV. 

In 2012, total manufacture capacity of dry type transformer is up to 1860million KVA, which is one of biggest manufacturer and seller in the world. Dry type transformer is already widely used in power plant, factory, hospital and so on. With application of low noise (2500KVA below and within 50dB distribution transformer), energy saving (unload loss of 25% ) SCB9 series, it makes China dry type transformer performance and manufacture technology reach world class level.