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High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Components Of The Impact Of The Circuit Breaker

Oct 16, 2017

High-voltage vacuum circuit breaker components of the impact of the circuit breaker, and now the power grid on the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker requirements are relatively high to its long life and also stability, the following will take you to see the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker Which parts will affect the stability of the use of circuit breakers.

1, the impact of contact travel

At present, the domestic production of various models of 10kv vacuum circuit breaker interrupter, the contact over the trip in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of about 4mm, open from 11mm or so. Vacuum circuit breakers in the installation or maintenance, should be in strict accordance with the product installation instructions in the contact process requirements accurate measurement, adjust the rod to prevent the trip beyond, and the vacuum circuit breaker in the annual overhaul, should carefully review the trip of the circuit breaker, Travel and contact distance. In the actual operation of the circuit breaker too much adjustment due to improper adjustment, resulting in circuit breaker closing process caused by mechanical impact of the arc chamber rupture, conductive rod deformation of the accident.

2, the impact of bounce

Vacuum circuit breaker contacts are mostly flat docking structure, in the sub-closing operation will inevitably produce different degrees of rebound phenomenon. Regardless of the opening bounce or closing the rebound will bring harm to the operation: the bellows to withstand forced vibration may produce cracks, so that the arc chamber leakage; sub-closing circuit breaker contact movement speed is higher, the impact of the end of the action Large, lead to bounce, may produce contact and conductive rod deformation, and even crack; to meet the capacitor group vacuum vacuum circuit breaker if the closing bounce, but also lead to damage to the capacitor. So the current part of the vacuum circuit breaker manufacturers have been noted that the vacuum circuit breaker bounce caused by the harm, introduced the so-called "no bounce" vacuum circuit breakers, through mechanical buffer and other means, greatly reducing the circuit breaker in the sub-closing when the mechanical impact The

3, sub-closing speed of the impact

The closing speed of the circuit breaker plays a certain role in the arc-off of the vacuum circuit breaker, and also determines the service life of the vacuum circuit breaker. So the circuit breaker should be measured before the delivery of sub-closing speed, you can find the product quality and debugging on some of the problems. On the one hand to prevent the sub-closing speed is too large, the end of the circuit breaker contact action when the mechanical collision, so that the arc chamber to produce more severe vibration.

4, the impact of the buffer

Should carefully check the buffer stroke, there should be no deformation damage or compression over, need to leave the buffer margin. Part of the oil-filled buffer should be regularly check the buffer oil level, timely charge.

5, the impact of operating capacity

Vacuum circuit breakers are common operating mechanism are CDlO type, CDl7 type, VSl type and in the above model on the basis of the different installation space to adapt to the transformation of the operating mechanism, in recent years, part of the domestic circuit breaker is equipped with a " Permanent magnet operating mechanism ". Configuration of different types of operating mechanism, in the installation or transformation, should pay attention to the operation of the transmission rod operating distance, if the capacity is too large, will have a serious impact on the arc chamber, resulting in vacuum interrupter corrugated tube damage, a direct impact on vacuum The life of the circuit breaker, the circuit breaker to reduce the vacuum to speed up.