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High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers Play A Very Important Role In The Power Grid

Oct 16, 2017

High-voltage vacuum circuit breakers play a very important role in the power grid, different circuit breakers in which the wiring is different, common for high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers in the grid there are three common wiring. Here and I come to see it

High-voltage vacuum circuit breaker wiring there are three, in other industries such as electronics is very wide, it is a kind of device? Xiao Bian pointed out that it is some of the electrical equipment and the state of the line into the maintenance of the state. Xiaobian pointed out that the three most commonly used wiring is that we should understand, respectively, for the board before the board plug-in, as well as drawer. Specifically how to access it? Here we come with Xiao Bian to understand the next bar

Board after the access, it has a significant feature that can be replaced or repaired, but also an advantage, you do not need to come to the wiring again, save a lot of things. But because of the particularity of the product, the specificity of the structure, at the time of the factory set up on the installation board and installation screws, these are dedicated, configuration requirements, we should be clear, large-capacity devices are reliable, it Related to the normal use of the circuit breaker or not, so the need to pay attention to the installation before the factory request is to follow it to comply with it, can not make it wrong, according to the manufacturer's needs and instructions to install, so Use it will be more secure.

Take a look at the plug-in access, first put the mounting seat, the above connection plate has six sockets, connecting plate or mounting seat behind the bolt mounting seat. When used, put the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker directly on the mounting seat on it. That if the device has been damaged, how to solve it? Method is actually very simple, as long as you pull out a bad good on it, or trade-in, change is more convenient, in time is also short, is the use of staff preferences.

And the last kind of commonly used drawer access, it is in and out of the drawer when it is counterclockwise, or, rocker clockwise, the main circuit above the secondary circuit, the use of plug-in structure, Omitted, the second use of the method, looks very economical. Not only that, the operation up, maintenance up to provide a great convenience, security is relatively high, watching also increased reliability.

After the three wiring methods have been seen, I believe that through the above details have to understand it, it is more commonly used, plug-in access, board access, drawer access, so master their skills are necessary. But need to be clear, the theory and practice is different, the actual operation process is often more difficult, need to pay attention to more places, may also encounter other problems, into some errors, or need a lot of attention Oh, a lot of practice, can do To be familiar, to avoid mistakes.