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How To Maintain The Transformer After Damp

Jul 01, 2017

  How to maintain the transformer after damp

  Transformers damp after its use caused great difficulties, a little carelessly may be a big accident. transformer Then the transformer after the damp how to maintain and dry it?

  1. hot air drying method

  This method is to put the body in the drying room through the hot air to dry. Imported hot air temperature should be gradually increased, the maximum temperature should not exceed 95 ℃, in the hot air inlet should be installed to prevent Mars and dust into the filter. transformer Do not blow the wind directly to the body, as far as possible from the body below the uniform blowing in all directions, so that the moisture from the box cover vent release.

  2. Induction heating method

  Is the body placed in the tank, the outer winding coil through the power frequency current, the use of fuel tank wall in the eddy current loss of heat to dry. transformer At this time the temperature of the wall should not exceed 115 ~ 120 ℃, the body temperature should not exceed 90 ~ 95 ℃. In order to coil the convenience of the coil as much as possible to make the coil less or less current, the general current election 150A, the wire can be useful 35 ~ 50mm2 wire. There is a number of asbestos strips on the wall of the tank, and the wires are wound around the asbestos.