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PC Electric Meter Box Shell Is The Protection Of The Meter

Jun 16, 2017

  PC Electric Meter Box shell is the protection of the meter. Municipal, district, telecommunications, electricity, rural power, factories, enterprises, institutions, heat, fire, and other public facilities on the need to install the meter, you need PC Electric Meter Box. Table box is generally along the power facilities to a terminal laying, each household needs a table box, that is, need a PC meter case, so the amount of great. In particular, in recent years, the state to increase investment in power infrastructure and the development of urbanization, the country's great investment in public facilities, rural power grids, urban transformation and new wire, cable, iron box for the glass box And so on, the demand for fiberglass PC table box is extremely large.

  PC Electric Meter Box materials used, the first most of the bakelite, plastic, metal shell, stainless steel, bakelite because of its brittle, easy to aging, easy to break and other defects, and gradually replaced by iron, stainless steel material. Now the iron shell, stainless steel table box share of more than 50%, because of its use of metal materials and plastic wood compared to its material insulation performance is poor, easy to rust, waterproof sealing capacity of serious security risks, Use less and less.