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Security Precautions For Oil Transformer

Feb 22, 2017

1. fire proof isolation wall or water curtain can be set between two single phase oil transformers once fire proof distance is 

not enough

2. fire proof distance should be less than 5m between transformer with oil capacity above 2500kg and oil-filled electrical 

equipments with oil capacity of 600kg-2500kg

3. when distance between external wall of workshop and outdoor oil transformer is less than safety distance, the external 

wall should use fire proof wall, and distance should be not less than 0.8m.

4. within 5m between external wall of workshop and oil transformer, window and door should not be set on the wall. Out of 

this distance, fire proof limit for door and window should be more than 0.9h at least

5. oil capacity above 1000kg for oil transformer and other oil-filled electrical equipments, oil storage pit or pool should be set.

6. fixed water spray system should be prepared for fire distinguished. Factory used oil transformer should be set in

indenpendent room, and the door should be outside-open fire proof door which is to open air or corridor, but not to the 

other doors.