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Structure Of High Voltage Switch Cabinet

Jun 02, 2017

  1. Structure of high voltage Switch Cabinet

  The High-voltage Switch Cabinet consists of two parts: a fixed cabinet body and a removable part (i.e. handcart). The switch cabinet is divided into 4 different functional units, namely a bus room, b circuit breaker room, C cable room and D relay instrument room, each unit has an independent grounding.

  2. The locking function of high voltage switchgear

  (1) Anti-misoperation and closing switch. This point, there is nothing mechanical, the main electrical magnetic protection of the false lock to achieve.

  In addition, there is a latching, which is placed between the segmented switch and the segmented cutter handcart between the mechanical latching, also has through the electrical circuit interlocking mutually. When the segmented cutter gate is handcart in the test position, it can pass through a position auxiliary switch contact, string into the segment switch closing loop, so that the segment switch closing circuit is not able to pass. When the segment switch is in the closing position, the segmented cutter handcart has an electromagnetic lock that cannot be shaken out to the test position. The Sectional switch auxiliary contact is threaded into the electromagnetic lock circuit, which causes the electromagnet to lose power and achieves the blocking effect.