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Substation Equipment Inspection Management

Sep 28, 2017

1. Substation equipment inspection management

① timely detection of substation equipment hidden dangers, is conducive to timely take preventive measures to eliminate the failure in the bud, to prevent further deterioration of substation equipment and substation equipment accidents.

② substation equipment point inspection in line with the principle of prevention, is an important basis for preventive maintenance. Through the accumulation of data collection, reasonable substation equipment maintenance and parts replacement program, and constantly sum up experience, improve maintenance standards, to maintain substation equipment performance and stability, to extend the life of substation equipment.

③ participate in the daily inspection of substation equipment, the substation equipment structure, performance to further grasp, understand, improve the conscious care of substation equipment, responsibility and substation equipment maintenance level are good.

④ point inspection is the substation equipment operation information feedback one of the main channels, substation equipment failure and accident downturn rate dropped significantly, after a period of effort, reliability and gradually reached and maintain a high level. Inspection is also the preparation of substation equipment maintenance plan, improve the accuracy of the plan important information.

2. Management of the implementation of "three" system, maintenance should be timely

The implementation of the "three" system, the main equipment to implement a fixed machine, set the job system; each machine specialized operators must be trained and tested, access to "operating certificate" before the operation of the relevant equipment; The implementation of the security system, so that the operator of the construction requirements, site environment, climate and other safety factors have a detailed understanding to ensure the safety of mechanical use.

3. Strengthen the use of substation equipment management

Substation equipment used by the daily management by the person responsible, that is, the implementation of "who use, who manages" principle. Should be appointed equipment, the equipment staff should have the basic knowledge of substation equipment and a certain degree of equipment management experience. Substation equipment should be equipped with adequate staff (operators, commanders and maintenance personnel). Operators must be in accordance with the provisions of certificates. The staff of the substation equipment should be able to do the work, familiar with the performance characteristics of the equipment used and maintenance and maintenance requirements. All substation equipment should be used in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions, is strictly prohibited overload operation. All substation equipment during the use of "equipment maintenance procedures" to do the daily maintenance, minor repair, repair and other maintenance work, is strictly prohibited disease operation. Substation equipment operation, maintenance personnel should do a good job of "equipment running duty records" and "equipment maintenance records." The project manager of the project manager should always check the "equipment running duty record" fill in the situation, and do a good job collecting archiving work.

4. Substation equipment use and maintenance management optimization

In the substation equipment management process, the equipment will generally use, maintenance, maintenance as an independent process, respectively, by the different staff responsible for management. Although this is conducive to the clarity of responsibility, but also in the invisible cut off the exchange of each other. Therefore, to further enhance the management level of substation equipment, improve equipment efficiency and reduce equipment costs, it is necessary to strengthen the mechanical operation, maintenance and maintenance personnel feedback between each other information, while the maintenance of equipment into the preventive maintenance of the machine system. By communicating with the equipment operator, the service personnel can quickly and accurately identify the problem and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the maintenance. During the communication with the service personnel, the operator can avoid the same operational errors and Improper operation caused by mechanical failure, and can gradually master some of the substation equipment maintenance and repair skills, simple equipment maintenance work. In addition, we must also train maintenance personnel to complete the repair task and emergency repair capacity, do "a multi-skilled" talent, through the operation of equipment and maintenance personnel management, in order to achieve a good substation equipment management results. In the construction process, we must overcome the "heavy production of light maintenance," the wrong concept, adhere to preventive maintenance in the mechanical maintenance work in the dominant position in order to reduce the construction process substation equipment failure rate, reduce maintenance costs, improve operational reliability And labor productivity, to bring maintenance work initiative, for the construction of production to bring good economic efficiency. However, due to the limited technical quality and practical experience of the diagnosis staff, it is often caused by misinterpretation of the mechanical parts or components, which may cause premature replacement of certain parts, resulting in unnecessary economic loss.