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The Difference Between Voltage Regulator And Transformer

Jul 26, 2017

  The difference between voltage regulator and transformer

  The voltage stabilizer is relative to the transformer, and the transformer is the device to change the AC voltage, the main component is primary, secondary and core (core).   Transformer in electrical equipment and radio road, commonly used for lifting voltage, matching impedance, security isolation. and voltage regulator by voltage regulating circuit, control circuit, and servo motor composition, when the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit sampling, comparison, amplification, and then drive the servo motor rotation, so that the position of the voltage regulator carbon brush, by automatically adjusting the coil turn ratio, so as to maintain output voltage stability. Large capacity of the regulator, but also the principle of voltage compensation work.

  Main contents of transformer operation and maintenance

  1. Prevent transformer overload operation. If the long-term overload operation, will cause the coil heating, so that insulation gradually aging, resulting in short circuit between the box, short circuit or short circuit and the decomposition of the oil.

  2. Ensure the quality of insulating oil. Transformer insulation oil in storage, transportation or operation and maintenance, if the quality of oil or impurities, water too much, will reduce the insulation strength. When the insulation strength is reduced to a certain value, the transformer will short-circuit and cause the electric spark, arc or the dangerous temperature. Therefore, the operation of the transformer should be regularly tested oily, unqualified oil should be replaced in a timely manner.

  3. Prevent transformer iron core insulation aging damage. Iron Core insulation aging or clamping bolt casing damage, will make the iron core produced a large eddy current, resulting in iron core long-term heat insulation aging.

  4. Prevent the overhaul from accidentally damaging the insulation. When the transformer is repaired and suspended, the coil or insulating casing should be protected, and if the damage is found, it should be treated in time.

  5. Make sure the wire is in good contact. The coil internal contact is not good, the connection between the coil, lead to high, low pressure side casing contacts, and tap switch on the Fulcrum contact, will produce local overheating, damage insulation, short-circuit or open circuit. At this time, the resulting high temperature arc will cause insulation oil decomposition, resulting in a large number of gas, transformer pressure plus. An explosion occurs when the pressure exceeds the protection value of the gas breaker and does not trip.

  6. Prevent electric shocks. Power transformers generally through the overhead line, and overhead lines are vulnerable to lightning strikes, Transformers will be damaged by the breakdown of insulation and burned.

  7. Short-circuit protection to be reliable. Transformer coil or load short circuit, the transformer will withstand a considerable short-circuit current, if the protection system failure or the protection fixed value is too large, it is possible to burn the transformer. Therefore, a reliable short-circuit protection device must be installed.

  8. Keep a good grounding. For the use of the protection of zero-voltage system, (test. Large transformer low-voltage side neutral point to be directly grounded when the three-phase load imbalance, 0 lines will appear on the current. When the current is too large and the contact resistance is large, it will appear high temperature and ignite the combustible material around.

  9. Prevent over-temperature. The transformer should monitor the temperature change during operation. If the transformer coil conductor is a-class insulation, its insulation to paper and cotton yarn, the temperature of the insulation and the use of life is very large, temperature per 8 ℃, insulation life to reduce about 50%. The transformer runs under the normal temperature (90 ℃), the life span is about 20 years; If the temperature rises to 105 ℃, the life span is 7 years 5 temperature rises to 120 ℃, the life span is only two years. Therefore, when the transformer runs, must maintain the good ventilation and the cooling, may take the forced ventilation when necessary, achieves reduces the transformer temperature rise the goal.