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Transformer Industry How To Carry Out Large Customer Market Development

Jul 13, 2017

  Transformer industry how to carry out large customer market development.

  First, determine the target market. For the development of the market first to determine the target market, according to the transformer product features, first by the transformer industry division, established traction rectifier transformer market and power transformer two markets. Traction rectifier transformer market by region divided into the US market and the ASEAN market. Specifically, the US market is located in the US West high-speed rail project, Transformer  the ASEAN market located in the new, horse, Thailand subway, high-speed rail and ASEAN and China connected high-speed rail project. Power transformer target market positioning in China 's foreign contracting large enterprises.

  Second, the development of customer penetration plan. According to the general sales of the twenty-eight principle, large customer sales can account for about 80% of the total sales, so the development of large customers is a systems engineering. I believe that in determining the target customers after the need to target customers in the high, medium and low penetration and staff layout. For the lower level of the staff, although they do not have the right to decide, but can play a "informer" role, to provide timely information required; for the middle level staff, they do not have the right to decide, but the right to recommend, Helper "role; for high-level public relations, they often have the right to decide and experienced. In general, it is more difficult to get permission directly from them and need to be done directly and indirectly. Such as looking for high-level people (friends, former leaders, Transformer former colleagues, etc.) as a consultant. To develop and maintain a large customer, "informer", "helper", "consultant" is essential for three categories of people. In the process of development of large customers, to develop a perfect customer penetration plan and implementation, in the development of large customers have a decisive role.

  Third, the construction of customer networks. From the success of the development of major customer experience, customer network construction feel a prominent role. The so-called customer network construction, is to build a customer work and life of the circle of contacts, the customer focus on the relationship between the customer relationship from customer relationship, from the build customer network platform to provide customers can not get their own resources, such as more extensive Contacts, more like the same people and so on. Transformer  Customers may have many options on the product, but when our customers do not have more choices on our network platform, our customers will be able to stay longer and longer. The construction of the customer network platform requires enterprises to consider how to build a customer network and establish a customer network from the customer's strategic level. It is important for the long-term maintenance of customer relations to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

  Large customer development for each company is very important marketing work, Transformer not only the marketing staff needs and wisdom, but also the company at all levels in the strategic and tactical support, so as to be successful in the fierce market competition The