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Transformer Insulation Damage How To Deal With?

Aug 08, 2017

  Transformer insulation damage how to deal with?

  1, the operation of the transformer should be checked and the location of oil leakage phenomenon, the transformer body without water to prevent moisture and air into the transformer caused by transformer insulation damage.

  2, the transformer respirator oil seal should maintain a certain oil level and maintain smooth, desiccant to keep dry, to ensure good moisture absorption.

  3, regular inspection to ensure that the transformer explosion-proof membrane, safe relief valve intact, to prevent direct communication with the air, resulting in transformer oil moisture content increases, so that the oil insulation performance deterioration.

  4, in the transformer charge, should pay attention to the oil tank in the oil qualified, to prevent oil and cause deterioration of oil, and prohibit the bottom of the transformer to the fuel tank to prevent the air and the bottom of the tank into the transformer body , In particular, to prevent metal impurities from entering the inside of the transformer.

  5, when the light gas protection action issued after the signal, it is necessary to timely gas to test to identify the ingredients, and take oil samples for chromatographic analysis, identify the reasons for timely elimination.

  6, the operation of the transformer light gas protection, should be reliably put, does not allow the unprotected transformer into operation, such as the need to work for a short time to disable the protection, there should be measures, should be restored immediately afterwards.

  7, to the transformer winding temperature, the upper oil temperature to focus on monitoring, when close to the alarm temperature, the timely load, cooler and ambient temperature and other comparative analysis, and effective control, and strive to achieve timely detection of transformer internal Of potential failure.

  8, indicate the location of the oil flow indicator to be carefully checked, once the submersible pump outage to be opened in time, otherwise the oil temperature will soon increase the threat of safe operation of the transformer.

  9, often check the transformer arrester action recorder, and do the number of action records, found that the arrester action, should try to shut down the transformer and check.

  10, the transformer body oil hole bolts to focus on inspection, to prevent maintenance personnel do not tighten after sampling caused by oil spills.

  11, the transformer internal fault trip, the pump should be removed as soon as possible to stop the pump to run to avoid the failure of free, metal particles and other impurities into the transformer non-fault part.

  12, to prevent the transformer coil temperature is too high, insulation deterioration and burned. Reasonable control of the operation of the top of the oil temperature rise. Especially for the forced oil circulation cooling of the transformer, when the upper oil temperature rise above the allowable value should be quickly control the load, the oil temperature and temperature rise within the specified range, otherwise the transformer down load operation. During the overload operation of the transformer, it is necessary to closely monitor the oil temperature and temperature rise within the specified value, and try to compress the load, reduce the time of overload operation, to prevent long-term high temperature operation caused by accelerated aging of insulation.