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What Are The Considerations For Choosing The Right Transformer?

Aug 08, 2017

  What are the considerations for choosing the right transformer?

  In the choice of daily transformers, we have to consider from the following aspects, so as to choose a suitable transformer

  First of all to investigate the power supply voltage, the user's actual electricity load and where the conditions; and then refer to the transformer nameplate marked technical data one by one, generally from the transformer capacity, voltage, current and environmental conditions, The capacity of the transformer should be selected according to the capacity, nature and time of use of the user's electrical equipment. In normal operation, the transformer should bear the electricity load for the transformer rated capacity of 75 ~ 90 or so. In actual operation, the transformer should be replaced with a small capacity transformer. At the same time, in the choice of transformer according to the line power to determine the transformer primary coil voltage value, according to the electrical equipment to select the secondary coil voltage, the best selected low-voltage three-phase four-wire power supply. This can also provide power and electricity for lighting. For the choice of current to pay attention to the load at the start of the motor to meet the requirements of the motor (because the motor starting current than the sink running 4 to 7 times larger).

  The main function of the transformer is to transmit electrical energy, the rated capacity is its main parameter. Select the transformer need to pay attention to is to select the rated capacity of the transformer. The rated capacity of a double-winding transformer is the rated capacity of the winding. The multi-winding transformer shall specify the rated capacity of each winding. Its rated capacity for the large amount of winding rated capacity; when the transformer capacity changes by the cooling mode, the rated capacity is a large amount of capacity. China's current transformer rated capacity level is increased by a large number of ≈ 1.26, such as the capacity of 100,125,160,200 ... ... kVA, etc., only 30 kVA and 63000 kVA capacity level and priority number is different. Before 1967, the rated capacity of the transformer is R8 capacity series that is increased by R8 = 8 ≈ 1.33. The size of the transformer is also closely related to the voltage level. When the voltage is low and the capacity is large, the current increases and the loss increases. The voltage is high and the insulation ratio is too large. The transformer size is relatively large. Therefore, the capacity of the voltage is low and the voltage is high. In order to power the power plant generated by the transmission of electricity, reasonable distribution and safe use, have to use the power transformer; power transformer is a static electrical appliances, then how does it work? In fact, the power transformer consists of two or more windings around the same core, the winding between the alternating magnetic flux through the interrelated, its function is a level of voltage and current into With another frequency of the same voltage and current, but also to change the number of phases, impedance and phase.

  Now a lot of domestic transformer types, then how to choose the type of transformer to suit your needs? Power transformers are generally divided into power transformers and special transformers, the former is the power system in the transmission and distribution of important equipment, according to the use of points, step-up transformer, step-down transformer, distribution transformers and contact transformers; by structure, double winding transformer, Three-winding transformer and self-lotus transformer; according to the number of points, single-phase transformers, three-phase transformers and multi-phase transformers. Transformer selection requires you to consult and judge in many ways.