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What Is The Periodic Repair Cycle Of The Transformer?

Aug 08, 2017

  What is the periodic repair cycle of the transformer?

  In accordance with the nature of maintenance work, transformer repair is divided into overhaul and minor repair. If you do not need to put oil, not hanging core (hanging bell), only in the external maintenance or make up the oil, but also in the oil, The oil treatment is called minor repair.

  1, the transformer overhaul cycle in operation

  In the process of transformer overhaul cycle by DL / T573-2010 "power transformer maintenance guidelines" as follows:

  (1) transformer overhaul cycle should generally be more than 10 years. Transformer in the operation of the failure, or in the preventive test found abnormal, according to the need for early suspension maintenance.

  (2) According to the structural characteristics of the transformer and the manufacturing situation, as well as the operation by the impact of short-circuit fault current current situation, as well as the daily load situation and the previous electrical test and oil test analysis data, etc., may be arranged as appropriate overhaul or extended overhaul interval time. For example, the whole sealed transformer is generally only in the body serious oil leakage or determine the internal failure when the overhaul.

  (3) When the on-load tap-changer of the transformer reaches the number of operations specified by the manufacturer, or when a defect is found, the on-load tap-changer shall be overhauled.

  2, transformer minor repair cycle

  Transformers minor repairs 1 - 3 years once. The number of minor repairs can be increased for transformers installed in a special contamination environment.