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What Is The Substation Of The Five Defense

Sep 28, 2017

1. What is the substation of the five defense

The so-called "five-defense" refers to the prevention of power system switching operation caused by the five misuse accidents, in order to avoid equipment damage and casualties, any normal switching operation must go through the five anti-system simulation preview and logical judgment Can be carried out after the operation.

That is, to prevent the load with the pull knife to prevent the band with a knife or hook to ground, to prevent the tape with a knife or hook to the circuit breaker / knife, to prevent stray into the live interval.

2. Five anti-system works

Five anti-system works is the first switch operation in the anti-error host simulation on the rehearsal operation, anti-error host according to pre-stored anti-error lock logic library and the current location of the equipment, each simulation operation to block the logic to determine The correct simulation of the contents of the operation to generate the actual operation of the program transferred to the computer key, the operator in accordance with the operation of the computer key display content, followed by open the corresponding code lock to operate the device. All of the above after the end of the operation, through the return of the computer key, so that the state of the equipment and the scene of the equipment to maintain the same state; for those ground, the door and other equipment without physical location, but also over the computer key to ensure that the state Consistent.

3. The composition of the five anti-working systems

Substation five anti-system consists of three layers of anti-error structure are:

1, station control layer anti-error (monitoring five anti), the current substation commonly used five anti-monitoring system are such;

2, the interval layer error (interval five anti), in some areas of the substation also increased this error prevention mode;

3, the device unit electrical blocking, a common device a lot of their own have five anti-function;

4. Switching operation

When the need to turn the operation, the person in charge of the designated operator, the operator fill out the operation ticket after the self-examination by the guardian of the operation of the ticket for the first instance, on duty review, signature confirmation, the operator, guardian simulation operation Rehearsal, through the five anti-system check the substation a main wiring diagram and the operation of each device rules, such as the correct error after the operation will be sent to the computer keys.

When the operator on any one device remote control operation, the monitoring system to the five anti-system remote control command. Five anti-system according to pre-prepared operation of the vote to determine: If the operation steps and operation of the same order, five anti-system monitoring system to run the remote control command to allow operation. And through the computer key back to the state of the equipment; if the operation steps and operation tickets are inconsistent, five anti-system control system to prevent remote control command, refused to operate.

When the workstation or network problems, the operator can download the correct operation of the computer keys to get the scene, the switch, knife, to the knife, the door to operate.