Three Phase Electric Meter Box

Product Details

Three phase power multi-function meter box is suitable for indoor or outdoor application. It can be installed on rod, wall and also embed into wall. It is available for installation of mechanical meter or electronics meter and installation of home switches and leakage protector.

Performance and standard:

1.Material is PC+ABS. It is injection mould with flame resistance PC material and bottom of box is of flame resistance ABS.

2.High strength and light weight

3.Anti-corrosion: immersed into hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide by 2 hours without crack, destroyed and shape changing.

4.Waterproof: rainfall after 2 hours without water-in

5.Insulation: test by power frequency withstand voltage device without breakdown and glitter

6.Insulation strength: withstand 50±50Hz and without flashover and breakdown under sine wave 2000V/1min

7.Withstand high and low temperature: -60℃~+125℃

8.Press withstand: 100kg onto area of 10×10cm for 3min without crack, destroyed and shape changing

9.Shock withstand: fall down from height of 2m, body of box is no destroyed

10.Heat dissipation: with heat dissipation hole

11.Fire resistance: meet performance of FVO