Low Voltage Withdrawable Type Switch Cabinet

Product Details

Low voltage switch cabinet is available for 380v, 400v or 660v and frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, and rated current of 5000A or below power supply system of electricity distribution, motor integrated control, reactive power compensation equipment.

The standard is compliance with IEC298 and GB3906-91. It has function of prevent mistake operation and protection grade is IP3X.


1.Frame is of 8MF cold roll profile, and its two sides are with 20mm and 100mm installation hole, which makes frame assembly flexible and easy.

2.Side frame has two kinds: complete assembly and partial welded structure, which can be optional.

3.Each functional cabin is isolated from each other. Chamber has function of unit cabin, main wire cabin and electrical cable cabin. Effects of each cabin is isolated.

4.Horizontal wire is lined with manner of flat setting, which is to enhance capability of electricity resistance. This can make main circuit has ability of high short circuit strength.

5.Drawer height modules is 160mm. changing of drawer is only at height and its width, depth will not be changed. Same functional units drawer has good interchanging. Rated current of unit loop is 5000A or below.

6.Panel of drawer has mark of on, off, test, withdraw, also with mechanical interlocking device.

7.Wire in or out of drawer use different number of sheet but same specification sheet structures connection accessories according to current capacity. Transfer connection between unit drawer and cable cabin is classified as per current, which is with same size rod or tube type ZJ-1 connector. 1/2 unit drawer and cable cabin transferring connection use backboard structure of ZJ-2 connector.