6kv or 10kv Mining Flameproof Mobile Substation

Product Details

Mining flameproof mobile substation is used in explosion risk mine of methane mixtures and coal dust, also, it is suitable for air and steam environment without corrosion and destroy insulation, which frequency is 50Hz and one side voltage is 6kv or 10kv. It is composed of explosion proof dry transformer, explosion proof high voltage switch board and explosion proof low voltage feed switch cabinet. The material of iron core of mining flameproof mobile substation is superior cold roll silicon steel sheet, full inclined non-punching structure. Insulation grade is C or H, and ANAN cooling. 

Applied conditions:

1.Altitude is less than 1000m

2.Temperature: max.+40℃, average monthly max. +30℃, average yearly max. +20℃, min. -5℃

3.Surrounding air relative humidity is less than 95% (+25℃)

4.Methane mixtures and coal dust with risk of explosion mine

5.Without fierce shaking and vertical inclined angle of 150°

6.Without corrosion and destroyed insulation air and steam

7.No drip site

8.Power supply wave close to sine wave