American Type Pad-Mounted Transformer Substation

Product Details

American type transformer substation realizes insulation and cooling by putting high voltage load switch and fuse into transformer oil. It is highly integrated with high voltage control, protection, voltage variation and electricity distribution. It is especially applied in urban grid center of load, and lower loss, improving quality of electricity provided. 


1.Small shape, only 1/3-1/5 size of European type box type transformer with less land are

2.Completely sealed insulation structure and no need insulation distance, safe and reliable

3.High voltage wire connection used for both circle network and terminals

4.Outstanding performance: low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, high ability of overload, short circuit resistance, and high capability of bearing shocking

5.End of cable has 200A elbow type and 600A European from joint. Elbow type suitable for cross sectional area of 35-12mm2. European type joint suitable for cross sectional area of 35-500mm2. Material of end of cable has two of copper core and aluminum core. Both of them can be with fully insulation zinc oxide lightning arrester. 200A elbow type cable end can be with on-load inset and unpin.

Working conditions:

Temperature: -30℃~ +40℃

Altitude: ≤100m

Wind speed: ≤34m/s

Relative humidity: daily value≤95%, monthly value≤90%

Shaking resistance: horizontal accelerated speed≤0.4/S2, vertical accelerated speed≤0.15m/S2

Installation site: inclined angle≤3°

Installation ambient: around air without corrosion and inflammation