European Type Pad-Mounted Transformer Substation

Product Details

Application standard:

IEC1300:1995 high/low voltage pre-assembly substation

IEC76:1993 power transformer

IEC60694:1996 high switch equipment and control equipment

IEC398:1990 3.6-40.5KV AC metal sealed switch equipment and control equipment


It is one distribution equipment integrated with high voltage electrical equipments, power transformer, low voltage equipment and auxiliary equipment. It is applied for rated 35/10kv, 10/0.4kv or 6/0.4kv, especially for urban electricity distribution, high buildings, residents community, industrial and mining field, harbor, oil field, public park, high way and construction site. Also, it can be put onto chassis to be mobile distribution appliance as standby device when transformer maintenance or trouble.

Working conditions:

Temperature: -30℃~ +40℃

Altitude: ≤100m

Wind speed: ≤34m/s

Relative humidity: daily value≤95%, monthly value≤90%

Shaking resistance: horizontal accelerated speed≤0.4/S2, vertical accelerated speed≤0.15m/S2

Installation site: inclined angle≤3°

Installation ambient: around air without corrosion and inflammation